Ex lawyers of Clean Hands denounce Bernad for appropriation of an inheritance of 300,000 euros

say two former lawyers of Manos Limpias in a complaint filed against Miguel Bernad

leader of the former union, in relation to an inheritance received by this organization worth 300,689 , two former lawyers of Manos Limpias in a complaint filed against Miguel Bernad, It is the legacy of Eduardo Cuadros Cuestas, an old man of Francoist descent, who died in 2013, leaving part of his property to Manos Limpias.

The union itself and lawyer Angel Alonso , appointed executor by the deceased, are also the subject of the complaint, filed last July 17 in the police station of the Chamberí district, Madrid, and in which the three parties are accused of misappropriation, unfair administration, falsehood in public and private documents, fraud, punishable insolvency, corruption between individuals and money laundering.

This is the legacy of Eduardo Cuadros Cuestas, an old man of Francoist descent

The complainants, who have agreed to speak on condition of preserving their identity, suspect that this money could have ended up in Bernard’s hands, as allegedly happened with part of the money of those affected by the Afinsa. a matter that is being investigated by the court of instruction number 18 of Madrid.

In fact, sources from the Prosecutor’s Office of the National Court, which since 2016 has been investigating a case against Bernad and Luis Pineda, president of Ausbanc, for allegedly extorting banks and businesses, recently assured La Vanguardia that it is unknown until now the final whereabouts of the money received for this concept.

An amount that, according to the complaint, amounted to 104,101 euros in cash from the collection of a life insurance from Cuadros and included the value of part of a property in Palencia, bank shares and a mortgage loan without interest that Cuesta made in favor of about of the caregivers who attended him during his last years of life- my personal preference.

“Nobody knew what happened with the money, not even the president, nor the treasurer

According to the deed of acceptance and award of the inheritance, dated December 2013 and to which La Vanguardia has had access, Miguel Bernad ordered, since then and as a representative of Manos Limpias, the assets bequeathed to the organization.

In fact, the preliminary proceedings carried out by the National Court prove, with bank documentation, how the collection was made for items such as the aforementioned life insurance of Axa Aurora Vida SA in one of the Manos Limpias accounts for a value close to 100,000 euros

The former collaborators denounce that despite the entry of cash, Bernad did not pay the money that the organization owed them in relation to their professional activity in Manos Limpias and that has already motivated two legal proceedings.

They claim that he did not settle debts with the ex-collaborators

“Nobody knew what happened with the money, not even the president, nor the treasurer,” says one of the complainants. In the complaint itself, the two lawyers subscribe that Manos Limpias never presented accounts, nor did it assemble its governing bodies, nor convened assemblies and that Bernad did and unmade “at will”.

In this context and after his arrest in 2016, Bernad ordered his lawyer to process the declaration of insolvency of the organization due to the debts he accumulated; among them, one of 80,000 euros to the Chief Minister of Gibraltar, Fabián Picardo.

Justice, according to the article in El Pais that advanced this information, condemned Manos Limpias to pay 33,000 euros to the Gibraltarian leader after the organization linked him in one of his complaints with smuggling, drug trafficking and money laundering.

The former leader of Manos Limpias ensures that the inheritance was used to pay current expenses

Asked about the final destination of the inheritance money, Bernad incurred several contradictions in refuting the claims he had made in other media.

the money from the legacy, which at that time amounted to 179,331 euros

had been used to defray the expenses derived from the association of the organization in the case of Nóos and those of the lawyer Virginia López Negrete., who represented Manos Limpias in the cause.

In the conversation with La Vanguardia, however, Bernad denied that the amount was used to finance the Nóos in relation to the expenses of Negrete, as well as that it had been used to cover other concepts associated with the actions of the lawyer.

The former leader of Manos Limpias said, however, that the inheritance was used to pay for current expenses of the activity such as the payroll of the then secretary, cover various trips to go to criminal proceedings and settle debts such as that resulting from a lawsuit lost against the newspaper El País.

The role of Alonso, the executor, and brother of the vice president of the Francisco Franco Foundation

The case of the inheritance was further complicated, if possible, on March 2, 2015, when Bernad made a notarial deed of assignment of the aforementioned mortgage loan granted by Cuadros a Gloria Carvajal, one of its caretakers, and for which Manos Clean as heir received more than 500 euros per month.

The purchaser of the loan turned out to be Ángel Alonso , the executor of Cuadros and brother of Jaime Alonso , vice president of the Francisco Franco Foundation, a former collaborator of Manos Limpias and, according to several ex-members of the organization, a close friend of Bernad. Angel acquired 33,000 euros for the rights to the private mortgage loan initially valued at 154,000 euros and which, according to him, amounted at that time to more than 100,000 euros.

A maneuver that beyond the suspicions that can raise violates, according to the complainants, the article 1459 of the Civil Code that establishes that those who hold a tutelary position on the assets of a person cannot acquire them.

Clean Hands needed liquidity urgently

Something that Angel Alonso, however, denies outright. According to the executor, his role as a splitting accountant “does not disqualify him for years after the liquidation of the inheritance to intervene in another operation” related to it. In addition, this lawyer ensures that his role as a buyer responded to the demands of Bernad who had agreed to settle the debt of the mortgage loan to Carvajal in a single payment in exchange for significantly reducing the amount owed.

As she did not manage to raise the money, she explains to La Vanguardia, “they asked me to make a kind of bridge mortgage, that is to say that initially, I would put the money, I would become a mortgagee so that later when Gloria had the money, she would pay me and cancel the mortgage. ”

According to his version, Manos Limpias needed liquidity urgently and the caregiver had a relative with the ability to repay the 33,000 euros that he had given to the organization led by Bernad in a matter of months. Something that, he says, would have happened at the end of 2015.